Board Games

There’s a host of tabletop temptations from all the big manufacturers like Fantasy Flight, Mayfair and Wizkids, and hundreds of smaller ones too. Have a favourite board game that you want to play again and again, why not try an expansion and keep the fun going!

As board games become more popular the depth and variety of subjects and ideas being produced is staggering. New online tools for makers and game designers, like Kickstarter, are bringing fresh ideas, designs, artwork and concepts to a new audience, and there’s been no sign of their popularity slowing down yet.

The majority of us spend so much of the day looking at some sort of screen that the opportunity to enjoy something engaging away from a computer, tablet or phone is a big draw.

Whether you’re looking for your favourite board or card game, some simple entertainment for the family game night, or an immersive, card-backed behemoth, packed with miniatures, tokens and a rulebook the size of a telephone directory, you’re in the right place!

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