The popularity of board games is on the rise again. With more and more people across different age groups taking to cardboard and counters for their after work de-stress as opposed to screens and electronic devices, games have become more diverse, with more choice on offer for the prospective gamer than ever before. One ever-popular feature appears again and again, the use of miniatures.

It’s not easy to work out exactly why a small cast-metal or resin representation of a character, hero, villain or, even, more popularly, monster can raise game-play to a new level, but it can -we love ‘em and we know you do, too.

Certain games have really grabbed this phenomenon with both hands, offering an array of extra minis to enhance existing gameplay and even add new playable elements. There are so many of these now, in fact, that we’ve decided to give them their own section. With micro-portrayals of WW2 bombers, historic sea-fairing vessels and even X-wing fighters, you can build your army, fleet or Resistance into a force to be reckoned with.

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