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A prominent maker since the very beginnings of plastic model kits, AMT (ironically standing for ‘Aluminum Model Toys’, of which they only made one before a quiet name adjustment) was founded in Michigan, USA, in 1948.

The company was launched principally to supply the car trade with promotional model vehicles, usually around 1:25 scale, used at the time by salesmen to sell cars and demonstrate paint colours because the real thing tended to leave the forecourt too fast.

As well as their intended use as selling-tools, these promotional models became a popular giveaway to lucky children if their parents perhaps bought a full-size version. Eventually it also became common for model companies to sell their cars to enquiring hobbyists who wanted to build the toys themselves. This soon evolved into the industry we know today as many model companies realised the potential for a much larger market than vehicle promos.

Fast forward to the present day and AMT is producing great models of current and past cars, particularly American classics. The range possesses a mind-boggling collection of historic and original hot-rods and trucks, and many AMT models come with a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 set up, wherein a builder can choose to build a stock, custom or race version of the boxed car.

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