Billing Boats

Billing Boats, a company from Denmark, started producing model boat kits in the 1950’s when a national magazine asked keen boat modeller, Ejnar Billing, an architect and ex WWII RAF pilot, to produce a run of 50 model fishing boats to give to winners of a competition it was holding.

Realising that actually building 50 model boats would be next to impossible, he produced the prizes as kits instead. It was in this first run that he pioneered the use of ‘plank-on-frame’ building with kit boats and ships, the same method used in real ship and boat building, and now the standard process employed by manufacturers all over the world.

Billing Boats have a great range of scale seafaring vessels available for hobbyists. From traditional Nordic fishing boats, Viking longboats, and pleasure boats right the way up to large, detailed replicas of historic ships like the HMS Bounty of 1789; their diverse selection is bound to contain something to get your imagination firing.

If you’ve ever wanted a rewarding, relaxing hobby, or if you like the idea of building model kits but don’t fancy planes or cars, a model boat or ship could be an excellent choice.

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