Hasegawa Plastic Model Kits

Hasegawa are a plastic model kit company based in Shizuoka, Japan. Founded in 1941, the Hasegawa factory primarily produced wooden models to use as teaching aids. Tentative exploration into plastic model kits would not occur for another 20 years when, in 1961, they released a plastic glider kit, followed by a highly successful interpretation of famed IJN battleship ‘Yomato’ (selling over 150,000 units in its first year of production).

It wasn’t long after these first steps into plastic modelling that Hasegawa decided to move into plastic full-time. They are now considered as one of the ‘big three’ in the competitive marketplace of plastic modelling and their kits are well renowned for their attention to detail and precision.

Hasegawa produce mainly planes and cars, like most model kit companies but, more unusually, they also produce a range of excellent kits for hobbyists looking for a quality build apart from the established tastes. This range includes mechanised fighting machines (mecha/mech warriors) and futuristic builds, drawing from science fiction and an imagined military forces from the future. Cool.

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