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A Hong Kong based company currently producing what are widely regarded as the best poseable scale figures available to collectors today. If you've ever mistaken a toy advertisement for a movie poster the chances are it was a Hot Toys figure you were looking at.

Most of these highly collectible figures are produced in the signature scale of 1:6 with a few select figures being created in 1:4. We take a look at how these toys are made and provide details on some new Hot collectibles in 2019. In the last few years, the company has also offered product lines for those fans looking for a more affordable route into owning a piece by their favourite brand; lines like Cosbaby and Artist Mix are a great way to get into the detail and precision without the sixth or quarter scale price tag.

Holding licenses to produce characters from the likes of DC & Marvel comics, Alien, Predator, and more recently Star Wars, the range and depth available is pretty incredible.

The quality and attention to detail exhibited on these collectible Toys is being raised all the time, along with the technologies use to make them. Recent innovations, such as the seamless body joints seen on the current Wonder Woman figures, have made these already incredibly realistic pieces even more lifelike.

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