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Comic book artist Todd McFarlane created McFarlane Toys in 1994 after he and toy-giant Mattel failed to see eye-to-eye with each other when developing a toy range based on original characters from McFarlane’s comic books. Originally setting out with Spawn, a McFarlane cornerstone, the company’s range has grown exponentially and now covers everything from popular movies, games and TV series through to stars from the world of sport and music.

Well known for their willingness to explore the shadowy elements of pop-culture, they are no strangers to gore. Lines like 'McFarlane’s Monsters' and 'Twisted Fairy Tales' offered something new and unusually sinister, but with a typically tongue-in-cheek element, to the world of action figures. Moving forward, this quality has made them the obvious choice for many popular franchises looking for miniature representations of their characters. Perhaps most prominent among these are hit TV series, The Walking Dead, alongside some of the more ghoulish creations from Stranger Things. We provide more useful information on the beginnings of Todd's toys and why at a great low entry point to action figures they are worth adding to your collection.

Not without their lighter side, they also produce toys for animated series such as the Simpsons, South Park and Rick and Morty, among current anime characters from many popular video games.

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