Founded by two brothers in Lyon, France, Norev (the family name in reverse) is a long-time maker of model cars, particularly those of French manufacture but also including marques from other regions, especially Europe.

Beginning in 1946, Norev set out producing watches and toys for children before getting into model cars in the 1950’s, many of which are now prized by collectors.

Today Norev have an excellent range of die-cast vehicles, their flagship being a range of beautiful renditions of classic and current French cars, with a focus on the cars of regular people as opposed to those of racing drivers (although they do produce race replicas, too).

With high quality diecast models produced in the popular scales of 1:43 and 1:18 (even some in 1:12!), collectors have a great choice of cars, in keeping with the offerings from other popular manufacturers, and access to a world of cars it would otherwise be very difficult to find.

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