Slippers, eternal protector and bringer of warmth, style and comfort for geeky-feet. There’s a great selection available here in the Geek Effect Footware section. Slippers are a popular present, both for yourself as well as others, often employed to add a bit of cosyness and joy when chilling around the house (not to mention a handy barrier between sensitive toes and the corners of cupboards, kitchen units and rogue, camouflaged pieces of long-forgotten Lego).

With designs taken from everyone’s favourite Star-Wars and super-hero movies, if you’re sick of more restrained slipper fashion, you could always clad your feet in tiny, plush Yoda heads. Why settle for simple, check-patterned mules when you could have Super-slippers?

A great assortment awaits from popular film and comic book franchises, as well as other characters from the world of gaming and popular-culture at large. If you’re ready to break from the establishment choice in foot-defence, then we’re here to help. You’ll certainly find something to keep your toes toasty.

And, as always, don’t forget to check out our bathrobes and sleepwear for many matching lines.

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