Are you bored of taking your belongings, lunch or text books to work, school or college in the same dull back-pack everyone else has? Girls, when you’re out, do you often dream of ditching that classy clutch in favour of something a bit more Geek? Or, worse, maybe you have a friend or loved one suffering the plight of completely un-lovable luggage.

Never fear, Geek Effect is here to show you the way to practical, portable stuff-storage with more than a hint of gaming and movie culture included.

We have a great selection of bags, backpacks and satchels inspired by DC and Marvel superheroes, from movies like Suicide Squad, with some brilliant women’s handbags that scream geek-chic along with other useful items from movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

You’ll have bags of fun with our super range of TV and movie inspired bags, backpacks and satchels.

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