Mezco Toyz - By Collectors, For Collectors

Toys or Toyz?

We can confirm that it.s .Toyz., so if anyone gives you trouble over the hipster spelling, you just send them to us ;)

Why are we seeing so much more of Mezco?

The growing popularity of Mezco products in 2018 is due in no small part to their amazing One:12 Collective action figure range. These 1/12 scale figures fill the niche between the lower-price action figure market, like NECA, and the deluxe, higher-end market currently filled by Hot Toys.

Sitting in between these two powerhouses of the toy industry are Mezco. Their tagline is, 'By Collectors, For Collectors', and we think they're spot on; they understand the market and produce some very good quality collectible figures.

What are the alternatives?

3 NECA Action Figures

First off, we'll cover NECA -we love NECA. In their price range (often sub £35 per figure) they're pretty much unparalleled. The attention to detail is very good, their figures usually have plenty of articulation, are hand-painted and often come with a good selection of accessories like movie or series-specific props and weapons. Collectors love NECA figures too, whether to keep boxed and un-opened or to display and pose. What you don't so often see with NECA, though, are alternative heads/faces and alternative hands, and these inclusions can really make a figure much more desirable for collectors and enthusiasts -we like options! Tailored clothing is also pretty rare on NECA offerings, although it isn't unheard of, and most of the clothing detail present with NECA is either plastic or painted onto the figure (a feature they share with similar price range toys, like McFarlane).

Another key difference, and a personal point of contention with NECA, is scale. You see, many smaller NECA figures aren't made to a specific scale. The company typically prefers to opt instead for 7inch or 9inch 'scale' figures for most lines and this can make for some fairly obvious continuity issues between different series and their lack of relative proportion to one another -a small point, perhaps, and one that doesn't seem to bother NECA's hardened core of collectors, but a worthwhile niggle nonetheless.

It's worth stressing again, though, that NECA figures are typically around half the price of the newer Mezco One:12 Collective offerings so, while there are some drawbacks, they still represent incredibly good value for money.

At the other end of the price scale we find Hot Toys and their highly acclaimed, market-leading sixth-scale range of figures. We've always been impressed by Hot Toys and place them firmly at the head of the pack in terms of the current offering for meticulously detailed, highly poseable figures (although they are now starting to get some credible competition from other manufacturers).

Selection of Hot Toys Figures

The way we see it, there are two main hurdles to overcome for most people thinking of owning a Hot Toys figure. First, and most obviously of all, Hot Toys are expensive, typically costing more than £240 for a single figure. The reasons for this become obvious once you open the box -the attention to detail is often pretty amazing, from face sculpts and clothing all the way through to alternate expressions and a plethora of interchangeable hands and props. The second issue is, funnily enough, their size. Sixth scale figures are tall, typically around 1ft/30cm in height, so finding a space to display your collection could be a problem... and the topic of display brings us onto a third, bonus possible issue with a Hot Toys purchase: because they are so expensive, they represent a significant investment for most buyers and, because of this investment, there can be a lot of resistance to un-boxing and displaying your new figure at all, even if that was your intention upon purchase. Bringing us nicely onto...

Mezco One:12 Collective Figures

Mezco's One:12 Collective range offers collectors and fans the opportunity to own a quality figure at around a third the price of a Hot Toys. Like NECA, the figures are smaller, making them easier to collect and display (typically between 6" and 7" or 15cm to 17.5cm tall), but unlike NECA, the One:12 Collective figures will be in much better proportional scale to each other.

Taking a leaf from Hot Toys playbook, Mezco have chosen to include some great options to customise your figure. Most characters come with at least 6 different hands (3 pairs) and an alternate head, with many coming with as many as 8 or 9 hands and 2 alternate heads(!). As you'd expect, there's also a great compliment of series-specific props and weapons for each figure -great news for those who like to display and pose their figures.

And we think a lot more people will be likely to open these up and have fun displaying them as opposed to keeping them mint and boxed, due in a large part to the great price-tag. It's not uncommon for collectors who like to display figures to buy a second one to store away -a pretty prohibitive proposition for many would-be Hot Toys fans, but not so much with the Mezco One:12 line.

Each figure also comes in a collector friendly box, making it easier to remove and replace your figure from the original packaging. Another welcome addition from the Hot Toys school is the included display stand and base. Overall, it's pretty easy to see why these figures are fast gaining in popularity.

What else do Mezco do?


Mezco's range certainly extends beyond their twelfth-scale figures, although it looks as though they're set to become their most popular product. They've been producing stylised statue versions of cult icons like Beetlejuice, Hellraiser and Thundercats for years, and the Mega-scale versions of these figures make great display pieces. Most of the non-figure-collecting community will know them for something a little different, though: their Living Dead Doll series.

Living Dead Dolls (LDDs) have proven hugely popular in the U.S., and there are signs of rapidly increasing interest in the UK as well. These creepy collectibles are typically 10 inches tall and are mostly based on a popular characters or themes from the world of television and movies, although many come straight from the heads of Mezco's designers... spooky.

Until recently it's been hard for collectors in the UK to get their hands on some of the more popular and desirable LDDs, but we're hoping to change that at Geek, by bringing more variety and choice to new and existing collectors of this... unsettling range of dolls.

Up and coming Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective figures

Mezco, like many toy and collectible manufacturers, like to tease us all with pre-release information and photographs and you may have noticed that many of their figures are available for pre-order on our site.

Why pre-order? It's not un-common for new items to be announced anywhere from 6-12 months in advance of their release, and popular figures do sell out. If you want to make sure you get one, pre-ordering is the safest way to go.

If you have already spotted something you would like to buy but are not sure how the pre-order process works, don't worry, it could not be simpler. Just choose your figure, select the payment option you'd prefer (usually either a 10% non-refundable deposit or payment in full), add it to your basket and complete your checkout as normal. Upon payment you will get a brief email confirmation to acknowledge your order and payment amount and a reminder to expect further contact from us once your figure is in stock and the payment balance is due. Simples.

Now you know who they are, what are we looking forward to?

New Mezco Products


Top of the list has to be this spinach-stuffing, sinew-sporting sailor. On the surface a strange choice, perhaps, given the vast assortment of excellent super-hero and pop-culture offerings, but just about everyone who's seen this little guy wants one (I've already reserved mine). It's not often I get to say that a figure comes complete with not one, not two, but six corn-cob pipes!

Ghost Busters Set

This set looks pretty amazing. The figures haven't been announced to buy as individual characters, so it looks like the set is the way to go, but why wouldn't you?

Each figure features a brilliant likeness to their respected actor, and all come with a proton pack (that apparently light up!) and a boiler-suit. The figures also have a few special items too that match their characters from the films; Venkman has the Bacharach Sniffer 300, Ray has the Ghost Trap, Egon has the PKE Meter, and Zeddemore comes with his very own Slimer.

I'm trying not to look at these too much, I can't just keep pre-ordering everything.

Two New Jokers

Following the success of the original One:12 Joker, we see a new and updated Deluxe version with even more accessories and a total of 5 (yes, five) head sculpts. The first release in this style was a hit and we think this one will be, too.

We are also getting an all new Joker figure. Dubbed 'The Crown Prince of Crime', the new figure sports striped, braced trousers, a stylish short back and sides and a maniacal grin. It's worth noting that this joker also comes with a teddy-bear bomb. Should be a crowd-pleaser.

Ragnarok Thor and Hulk

Two great and highly detailed figures from the most recent addition to Marvel's Thor story-arc. Both figures have movie-accurate gladiatorial costumes, complete with helmeted and un-helmeted alternate heads and a smorgasbord of hands and weapons. The Hulk figure is going to cost a little more than your typical One:12, but he is, understandably, going to be a little bigger, too... The catalogue photos look very impressive for these and we can't wait to see them in real life.

John Wick

Everyone's favourite ex-hitman is rightfully immortalised in plastic with this excellent looking 17cm figure. Features a great likeness of actor, Keanu Reeves -there is only one head-sculpt announced so far, but I suppose you could argue that Mr. Wick wasn't the most colourful of characters...

Wick comes complete with shotgun, assault rife (with removable clips) and two pistols, including muzzle-blast, ready to inflict some 'gun-fu' pain on anyone who gets in his way.

Michael Myers - Halloween

I'm not a huge horror fan (I enjoy peaceful sleep too much), but this figure looks cool enough to get an honourable mention. Comes with eight interchangeable hands but, unsurprisingly, only one head sculpt. They have added a light-up Jack-o lantern though.

Here's a little tidbit: I'm informed by our commander-in-chief that the Halloween mask was actually a William Shatner mask spray painted white (I've validated this with extensive research). I guess it could still have been pretty weird if they hadn't painted it, but I think they made the right call.

And that just about wraps it up for Mezco Toyz and their highly tempting One:12 figures. We hope you've enjoyed reading this article