High End Executive Toy Collectibles | The Cool Expensive Stuff

Hey! You’ve found it; this is where we stash all the really cool, expensive stuff and try to ferret it away for ourselves. Here you can explore highly detailed sixth-scale figures from Hot Toys and premium statues from makers like Sideshow Collectibles and Kotobukiya, and a host of sought after reproductions, prop-replicas and hard-to-find cherishables. The executive toy collectibles section is worthy of a fresh cup of your favourite hot beverage and some true, dedicated perusal time.

You don’t have to be a collector to enjoy high end collectibles, they are enjoyed the world over simply because someone felt a strong affinity with a particular movie, character, performance or aesthetic, and this is just as true for absolutely everything we sell. We know it’s not the value or mass-appeal of an item that makes it important to you, so when you come across something you can’t live without (not if, but when), you can sleep easy at night knowing we will lovingly-pack your expensive item in lots of bubble wrap and deliver it to you with a Mint Condition Guarantee and 30-day returns policy. Take the stress out of shopping for high-end collectibles, we’ve got you covered.