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So you’ve always wanted your own Alien Facehugger, Back To The Future Mr. Fusion, or Harry Potter wand from Ollivander’s, but where can you find them? In our Geek Effect Prop Replica section, of course!

The draw of movie props has been high since almost the beginnings of the film industry itself. The advent of prop-replicas and the internet has made this rewarding hobby much more accessible to the average fan and there are now large numbers of great reproductions available to buy for a great range of popular films and TV series.

Gone are the days when only those directly involved with the film-making process had access to screen-props. Items like weapons, helmets, masks and even clothing are now produced to a very high standard, making a great addition to any collection and an excellent gift idea for any devoted fan.

Whether your taste is for a replica helmet from your favourite Star Wars film, a Smartgun from the scenes of Aliens, or even a colourful Jayne Cobb replica beanie straight out of Serenity and Firefly, you’re bound to uncover something cool in our den of prop awesomeness.

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