Hand Picked Comics and Graphic Novels For the UK Geek

This is where a lot of what is in Geekdom begins: the comic and the graphic-novel. Once sneered at as inferior literature for the intellectually-challenged, the world of comic books has spawned new interpretations of established storytelling methods and, some 80-years after the modern-day superhero’s birth, our culture is flooded with caped-crusaders and people in skin-tight spandex suits. People can’t get enough of comics and their lengthier sidekicks, graphic novels.

You’ll find a wide selection of both comics and graphic novels at Geek Effect, from established household names like DC and Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and IDW as well as a plethora of publishers you may not be so familiar with, each offering their own brand of action and interest, and many taking turns with this visual medium that have previously remained unexplored. Comics certainly aren’t necessarily synonymous with superheroes, there have been stories told within these powerful pages of romance, fantasy, horror, history, science fiction, crime and even social and political commentary for decades.

This could be your first, cautious dip in the comic book pond, or you may well already be well soaked. Either way, we’re confident you’ll find something to captivate and inspire you in our Comics & Graphic Novels section.