Sixth Scale Collectible Figures

These truly remarkable sixth scale figures are perfect for the serious collector. One sixth or 1/6 scale have become popular collectible items due to the high quality of sculpt and material. The top brands in the sixth scale market are Hot Toys and Sideshow collectibles. They both have a reputation for fantastic quality (which is what you want when dropping over £200 on a single item) and the boxes they come in are also a work of art. True quality through and through.

They average in height around 12 inches or so, but being 1/6 scale it’s all relative, for example Thanos stands just over 16”. They usually nail the likeness of your favourite movie character and most have a limited run which can make them more collectible, which is great if like me you like taking them out of the box to display. It means the value catches up and they will probably be worth just as much in a few years as your purchase price.

Most 1/6th scale figures have an abundance of additional items, like interchangeable heads, hands and extra items. Also they are fantastic for display as they usually have over 20 points of articulation in neck, arms, legs and seamless elbow joints.

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