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This is the home of our licensed video game figures and collectibles. Listed below you will find some great quality gaming figures to collect from top brands like Mcfarlane Toys and NECA. One of the most popular range is the destiny 2 figures from Mcfarlane. With Lord Shaxx and Cayde being best sellers. You can also buy the Full Set of Destiny 2 Figures and save a few pounds, rather than buying them individually.

The best part about these gaming figures are the affordable prices which means you can get a few on display on your shelf without breaking the bank. Perfect for your next live Twitch stream, or like me I just put them in a display case right next to my TV.

Like you, I love playing Video Games, whether it's on Xbox, PlayStation or PC. For me it's all about having fun and completing achievements. There is nothing better after a hard day’s work than sitting down and playing a raid on Destiny 2 with your friends or a bit of multiplayer on Halo or Fortnight (man I suck at that game).

Personally I love single player games, the story and immersion with today’s graphics and production is top notch. Take God of War for example, it looks fantastic but it is also a truly remarkable single player experience. Haping Gaming :)

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