Living Dead Dolls

Mezco's hit Living Dead Doll series also known as LDD started life as a two man operation in 1998. Ed Long and Damien Glonek began making the dolls as 'handmades' in small quantities and manufactured their dolls using a commercially available craft doll body.

The early dolls were distributed by the duo's own Unearthly Possessions mail order company and also at conventions. It was at such a convention that Mezco Toyz owner, Mike Markowitz, saw the dolls. Markowitz contacted Glonek and Long shortly afterward about the viability of commercially manufacturing and distributing the dolls, and the rest is history.

Despite Mezco's ownership of the series, Long and Glonek still remain attached to their brand and both of the original duo still collaborate to produce special one-off's, although the popular (if prohibitively expensive) period of accepting customer commissions is now over.

Series 1 of the Mezco dolls went on sale in the US in 2000 and the chain is currently up to series 34. There's no sign of their popularity diminishing, if anything the dolls seem to be gaining momentum as fans from overseas start to pick up on the trend. Unusually for a toy labelled openly as a 'doll' there is also quite a large male following for the creepy cadavers.

Each Doll stands roughly 10" (25cm) tall and comes with its own coffin shaped box and death certificate. The dolls also feature fabric tailored clothing and a short poem alluding to the nature of their demise.

Alongside the standard Living Dead Doll series, the brand has also produced a number of different types of dolls like rag dolls, miniatures and taller 45cm porcelain dolls. Many of the dolls are based on classic horror movie and book characters and a few dolls have also been based on famously gruesome deaths and popular villains from history. The majority of the characters, however, are creations from the heads of the LDD team themselves.

Due to popularity of individual figures, some of the early dolls have been reissued. Recent hits like 2018's Frozen Charlotte are based on figures from very early on in company's existence and these characters regularly prove to be hits with fans.

Living Dead Dolls have been highly popular in the US and Japan for some time now and over the last few years they have been enjoying a surge of popularity in the UK and other parts of Europe. Their success looks sure to continue as more and more fans discover this diabolically dark line of dolls.

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